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Venser Group

Venser Group is an exportation company specializing in the production, distribution and the supply of all ranges of fruits and vegetables to Europe, Russia, Baltic Countries, Ukraine and the Midwest.

We offer our customers the highest quality and freshest products in any type of packaging. On our website you can view a few of our products. Please contact us to know everything Venser Group can offer.

The satisfaction of our customers is Our Goal

Seasonal Fruits

Citrus and Summer Fruits.

We supply Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons, Pomelos, Plus different grenades of summer fruits such as Melons, Stone Fruits and Grapes.


High quality varieties.

Potatoes, Cauliflowers, Broccolis, Lettuce , Chards, Fresh Mint, Coriander, Thistle, Oak Leaf, and a huge variety of vegetables.

Other Products

Discover all our products.

Olives and pickled products such as Chives, Chilli Peppers, Pickles, Banderillas, and many variants. Please find our products below.

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